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As stated on the syllabus, midterm exams will be…

open-note, open-web, take-home exams which must be completed within 24 hours. Students may consult any printed or digital materials and may perform web searches. However, no communication with other humans is permitted.

Following is some additional clarification of the above syllabus statements. Students are encouraged to use all appropriate tools, including phpMyAdmin, web searches, and existing content on programming websites and forums. However, it is not permitted to seek help from other humans either directly or via an online forum.

Exams will be provided in Microsoft Word format.

Exam solutions should be submitted to Moodle.

Students with academic accommodations receive extra time in the normal way. For example, if the stated time to submit the exam is 24 hours, a student who normally receives time-and-a-half for tests will have 36 hours to complete the exam.

Midterm Exam 1

Exam 1 covers material from Topics 1-3. The exam begins at the start of class on the designated day of the exam (130pm, Thursday March 3, 2022). The exam will be of a length that could typically be completed in a 75-minute class session. However, all students will have 24 hours to complete and submit the exam to Moodle. Therefore, the deadline for submission is 130pm Eastern time on 3/4/22. Late submissions will be penalized by 5% per hour.

The exam can be downloaded from Moodle via a link that will become active five minutes before the start of the exam.

The exam requires use of the Southwind database.

The instructor will be available to answer questions about the exam in person, in the regular classroom, for the first 75 minutes of the exam. This is the only time in which you can be sure of receiving a rapid response to any question about the exam.

Midterm Exam 2

The instructions for midterm exam 2 are the same as for midterm exam 1, except that:

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